Zona Rural 00, Tomé Açu, Pará, Brasil.


SAFTA (BomPlantio Project)

The project BomPlantio, name given to the agroforestry system in Tomé-Açu (SAFTA), aims to maintain the sustainability of the area where there is the cultivation. The productive chain results in the presence of diverse cultures that generate income in a given area. The C.D.T.A, with the practice of BomPlantio, realize the farmers of the cooperative to avoid deforestation in new areas in the forest, contributing to the maintenance of family farmers and the improvement in succession in the condition of life.

In deployment, the system preaches that you should respect the cultures and habits, without compromising the traditions and thus ensure the marketing of products obtained by small and medium agriculture generating a chain of production, short, medium and long term.

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